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Adding Keychains

Although the Keychain application runs in the background, and is therefore invisible to most Mac users, you have the ability to add additional keychains to the current set. To do this you'll need detailed information on the keychain that you want to add, and an application to perform the addition. In your Utilities folder is a program called Keychain Access. This program allows you to add addition keychains to the existing set. For example, you might want a keychain to manage your computer (default keychain), and another keychain to manage and secure your business documents. Since the keychain application allows you to modify existing elements within a keychain, you could easily wind up locking yourself out of devices or Web sites. Caution is advised when accessing the Keychain Access application.

Add Keychains

Open the Applications folder, double-click Utilities, and then double-click the Keychain Access icon.

Click the File menu, and then click New Keychain.

Name the keychain, and then select the file location.

Click Create.

Type a password for the new keychain, and then verify the password.

NOTE Keychain passwords are case sensitive. So be sure to check that Caps Lock key if you get an error typing in your password.

Click OK.

IMPORTANT Keychains store all of their information as encrypted data, and the password is part of the cipher that restores the information. If you forget your password, there is nothing you can do to restore the information.

Click the Show/Hide Keychains button, and then select the new keychain from the list.

To add a new keychain password, click Password, and then type:

  • Name, Account, Password, and then click Add.

To add a new note, click Note, and then type:

  • Name, Note, and then click Add.

To remove the selected password or note from the list, click Delete.

A window appears asking you to confirm your Delete.

To open the selected site in the default browser, click Go.

To lock the active keychain, click Lock, and then type your password.

Click Save Changes when you're done.

Quit Keychain Access.



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