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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Setting System Security Preferences

Setting System Security Preferences

The Security pane () in System Preferences allows you to set options that prevent others from using your computer, such as requiring a password to unlock and change system preferences or wake your computer from sleep or screen saver, logging you out automatically if you're inactive for a certain amount of time (make sure you save all documents to complete logging you out), and disabling automatic login all together. The Security pane also lets you turn on or off FileVault, which protects your Home folder using encryption (secrets codes) from unauthorized users. Your files are encrypted using your login password. If you forget your login password and don't have the master password (a safety net password that lets you unlock any FileVault account), your files are lost forever.

Set System Security Preferences

Click the Apple menu, and then click Preferences.

Click the Security icon.

Select or clear the Require Password To Wake This Computer From Sleep Or Screen Saver check box.

Select or clear the check boxes related to all user accounts:

  • Disable Automatic Login

  • Require Password To Unlock Each Secure System Preference

  • Log Out After X Minutes Of Inactivity

To set or change a master password (something you never want to forget), click Set or Change, type the information, and then click OK.

Click the Close button.



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