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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Specifying Log In and Start Up Items

Specifying Log In and Start Up Items

When you first turn on your computer, it begins by access the operating system and performing a standard start up. A normal start up involves performing a system check, and then if login is activated, opening the login window and requiring you to select your account and type in your password. At that point, Panther opens your desktop and it's off to work. However, there is a way that you can alter the start up procedure, by specifying Start Up, and/or Log In items. Start Up items () are applications or scripts that you decide to launch every time your computer is turned on. Log In items () are specified by individual users, and launch whenever their account is accessed. For example, you might have a Start Up item (a script) that accesses the company network. In addition, you have a Log In item (a file) that launches your personal day planner, when you log in. The network script launches each time the computer is turned on, but the day planner only launches when you log in to your account. The individuals who own accounts on your computer set up log in items. In fact, log in items are one of the few things the Administrator cannot do—the user must set them up.

Work with Log In Items

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Accounts icon.

Select your account (Administrator only).

Click the Startup Items tab.

Click the Add button (+) to locate a particular application or file you want opened every time you log in.

If necessary, click the Remove button (-) to remove an item from the startup list.

Select the Hide check box to open the application or file but hide it until you're ready to work.

Click the Close button.

TIMESAVER To see a list of all hidden applications or files, press +Tab. You'll see a list of all open applications. Continue to press , and then press Tab to move through and select any hidden application.



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