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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Setting File Access Permissions

Setting File Access Permissions

As the Administrator, you have one additional area where you can control what users have access to is the File Info. The File Info window lets you, as the Administrator, decide who has access to the files and folders on your computer. For example, you could create a folder on the hard drive and give every user account access, or you could select one file within that folder and restrict access. In fact, you can give users the ability to read a file, but not modify, or let them read and modify the file. Since handling individual files would be a bit time consuming (computers typically hold thousands of files), your Macintosh helps out by assuming users do not have access to the hard drive's files and folders (it's up to you to give them access), and you can apply general access settings to all the files and folders nested within a folder (this saves you time).

Set File Permissions

Open the hard drive and then select a folder, application, or file.

Click the File menu, and then click Get Info.

Click the expand button (triangle) for Ownership & Permissions.

Click the expand button (triangle) for Details.

Click the Details pop-ups, and then select what type of access you want assigned to the selected item.

  • Read & Write

  • Read Only

  • Write Only (Drop Box)

  • No Access

Click Apply To Enclosed Items to apply the changes to all the items within a folder.

Click the Close button.



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