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Adding a User Account

Setting up user accounts involves careful consideration as to who is this person, and what they'll be able to access and do on the computer. Panther makes the process of setting up accounts easy (); but don't let the ease fool you into thinking it's unsecured. Panther creates a tight wall of protection around each account. When you create a standard account, the security settings are set to their default values. Which means the account user has access to their own personal Home folder, and they are able to access applications on the hard drive. They don't have access to any other account, nor are they able to modify or delete any files or applications on the hard drive.

Add a User Account

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Accounts icon.

Click the Add Account button (+).

Click the Password tab (default).

Type a name for the new account.

Type a Short Name for the Account (used by the server).

IMPORTANT The Short Name cannot contain any spaces and is case sensitive. System administrators in the corporate world typically come up with a naming convention so that all the users are set up in a consistent way. For example, Andy Anderson or Steve Johnson might be AAnd or SJoh to the server.

Type and verify the password for the account.

Type a Hint for the password (optional).

Click the Picture tab, and then select a picture for the account, or drag a picture file from a window or the desktop.

Click the Close button.

The Account has been added.



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