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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Activating the Login Window

Activating the Login Window

When you turn on your Macintosh for the first time, it's set up for instant access. You were asked during the initial setup to name your computer and assign a password. By default, the password protection system is not activated, so the next time you start up your Macintosh, you are granted access without having to select your account and type in your password. Before setting up User Accounts, it's a good idea to first activate password login, and then set up any additional accounts. When active, the login window appears every time you start up your computer and contains a list of all those with valid user accounts ().

Activate the Login Window

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click Accounts.

Click Login Options.

Click the List Of Users or Name And Password options.

Select or clear the Automatically Log In As check box.

Select or clear the Hide The Sleep, Restart, And Shut Down Buttons to hide or show the buttons in the Login window.

Select the Enable Fast User Switching check box if there is more than one user.

Click the Close button.

TIMESAVER If your computer is in a secure location such as your home, and you don't want to deal with the hassle of logging in, just click the Accounts icon in System Preferences, and then click Login Options. Click the Automatically Log In As option, and then select who you want to log in as (you'll be prompted to type in your password). The next time you start your computer it automatically opens to the selected account.



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