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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Protecting the Home Folder with File...

Protecting the Home Folder with FileVault

Panther's FileVault feature () finally gives you total security over your sensitive files and applications. Macintosh computers have always had security, but there were ways to get around it. That was before Panther came up with FileVault. FileVault gives you the ability to encrypt the files in your Home folder using password encryption (your log in password). It's so strong, that if you forget your password and don't know the master password, no one is able to open the files—they are lost forever. It's theorized that breaking the FileVault encryption would take a password-guessing program over 100 trillion years to figure it out. Therefore, if you decide to use FileVault, please don't forget your password. After you set FileVault, the security encryption and decryption happens on the fly, so you don't have to worry about doing anything; simply use your files normally. If someone else tries to access them, FileVault keeps them out.

Protect Your Home Folder with FileVault

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Accounts icon.

IMPORTANT Encrypting the entire contents of you hard drive requires the System Administrator.

Click the Security tab.

Click Turn On FileVault (all other uses must be logged off the computer).

Read the alert message if users are logged in, and then click OK.

Type your password, and then click OK.

Another alert message appears, please read it carefully, and then click Cancel or Turn On FileVault.

Panther then goes through a creation procedure that can take 10 minutes or more to complete.

When the process is complete, you are brought back to the Login window.



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