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Chapter 16. Setting Up Accounts and Main... > Restoring the Administrator Password

Restoring the Administrator Password

System Administrators are the ones that control the computer; they're the ones that set up other user accounts, and they are the ones, that tell you what you can and cannot access on that particular computer. The System Administrator knows all… sees all. However, what if the System Administrator forgets their password? Well first of all, don't tell anyone and don't worry, because you have two possible ways to get back to work. Your operating system has an Administrator password, and a Master password. If you know the master password, you have no problems whatsoever. However, if you set up a master password, turned on FileVault, and then forgot your Master password… well, not even Panther can help you out of that situation, you're data is lost forever. If you didn't set up the master password, don't despair because OS X gives you another way to reset your Administrator password—by using the original install CD. It's fairly straight forwarded, but understand others that have an install CD can perform the same operation, and gain access to your information. It is therefore recommended that you create a Master password, and use FileVault to secure your sensitive documents.

Use the Master Password

Turn on your computer.

Type anything into the password login option three times.

IMPORTANT After three unsuccessful attempts at typing in your password, you'll be asked if you want to reset the Administrator password.

Click Reset Password.

Type in a new Administrator password.

IMPORTANT Do not make passwords common items such as your birthday, or mother's maiden name, those passwords will be the first someone tries to get into your system.

Verify by typing in your Master Password.

Click Continue to restore the Administrator Password, and launch the operating system.



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