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Chapter 4. Setting System Preferences > Setting Up Screen Savers

Setting Up Screen Savers

In the past, you needed a screen saver (a continually moving display) to protect your monitor from screen burn in. Those days are gone with the emergence of new display technology. Screen savers are more for entertainment than anything else. When you leave your computer idle for a specified wait time, a screen saver displays a continuous scene, such as an aquarium, until you move your mouse to stop it. If a security option is set in the Security pane in System Preferences, your computer requires a password when you wake from a screen saver. You can select a screen saver from the ones provided with Mac OS X, or select a folder with pictures (all saved in the same format) or a published slideshow from a .Mac account online, which gets downloaded to your computer.

Set Up a Screen Saver

Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon.

Click the Screen Saver tab.

Select a screen saver in the list, using any of the following methods:

  • Click a screen saver, such as Flurry or Abstract.

  • Click Pictures Folder, and then select one, or click .Mac to use pictures from a slideshow.

  • Select the Use Random Screen Saver check box to use a differ- ent screen saver each time one is activated.

Click Options, select the check boxes you want, (type the member name for a .Mac slideshow), and then click OK.

Drag the slider to determine when the screen saver starts.

To activate the screen saver with your mouse pointer, click Hot Corners, specify the options you want in the corner you want it.

Click OK.

Click the Close button.



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