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Chapter 4. Setting System Preferences > Setting Ink Preferences

Setting Ink Preferences

If you have an ink device on your computer, you can use System Preferences to improve the recognition of ink to text. You can adjust Ink Preferences to your writing style, either widely or closely spaced, and to see how quickly your writing pen cursor changes back into a clicking device. You can improve recognition by adding words it may not know, such as names (like a custom dictionary for spell checking). As you write, Ink recognizes certain gestures or shapes, which get performed as commands, such as Undo, or pressed as keys, such as Delete or Space. The Gestures tab provides a list of gestures that you can turn on and off.

Set Ink Preferences

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Ink icon.

Click the On or Off option to turn handwriting recognition on or off.

Click the Settings tab.

Specify the options you want:

  • My Handwriting Style Is. Drag slider to set spacing.

  • Allow Me To Write Anywhere. Check to use Anywhere mode.

  • Language. Click to select a ink writing language.

  • Ink Pad Font. Click to select a default recognition font.

  • Show Ink Window. Check to use Ink Pad mode.

  • Show Ink In Menu Bar. Check to add the Ink menu commands to the menu bar.

Click the Gestures tab.

Select or clear the check boxes to turn gesture actions on and off.

Click the Word List tab.

Use the buttons to add or change uncommon words you use.

Click the Close button.



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