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Chapter 4. Setting System Preferences > Recognizing Your Speech

Recognizing Your Speech

The Speech pane () in System Preferences allows you to initialize and customize speech recognition on your computer. Speech recognition is the ability to convert a spoken voice into commands or electronic text. However, Apple's speech recognition only does half the job; it only executes commands listed in the Speakable Commands window, which you can add or remove in groups, such as menu bar commands. You need another program, such as iListen (www.macspeech.com) to convert voice to text. After you turn on speech recognition, the Feedback window (a small circle microphone) appears, displaying the Esc key in the middle. Press and hold or press the Esc key, which you can change, to turn listening on and off. Now you can speak your commands.

Enable Speech Recognition

Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the Speech icon.

Click the Speech Recognition tab, and then click the On/Off tab.

Click the Recognition pop-up, and then click Apple Speakable Items.

Click the On option to display the Feedback window. To remove the window later, click the Off option.

Click a button or select the options you want:

  • Turn On Speakable Items At Login. Check to enable speech recognition when you start or log in to your computer.

  • Helpful Tips. Click to display tips about speakable items.

  • Open Speakable Items Folder. Click to open the Speakable Items folder.

  • Play Sound. Select a sound to play when your computer recognizes a spoken command.

  • Speak Confirmation. Check to have your computer repeat the command it heard.

Click the Close button.



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