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Chapter 4. Setting System Preferences > Changing International Options

Changing International Options

The International pane in System Preferences gives you options to use different languages for menus, dialogs, and the keyboard, as well as write text in other languages. The language you write can be different from the language for menus, dialogs, and the keyboard. The Language tab allows you to select a language () that you use in application menus and dialogs, and write in an application. The Formats tab allows you to select international formats for dates, times, numbers, and measurement units. The Input Menu tab provides you with a list of languages that you can select a keyboard layout (), which lets you type in other languages. If you're not familiar with the keyboard layout, you can use the Keyboard Viewer to show you what keys to press to display the keys you want in the input menu language. To make language selection easier, you can add the Input menu to the menu bar.

Set Input Menu Options

Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock, and then click the International icon.

Click the Input Menu tab.

Select the check box next to the language(s) you want to use.

To see what the characters look like on your keyboard, select the Keyboard Viewer check box.

The Keyboard Viewer is available on the menu bar in the Input Menu.

Click Options, select the keyboard shortcut or text matching options you want, and then click OK.

To change input menu languages from the menu bar, select the Show Input Menu In Menu Bar check box.

Click the Close button.

TIMESAVER Press + Spacebar to switch between the two most recent keyboard layouts. Press Option++Spacebar to cycle down the list of keyboard layouts.



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