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Chapter 7. Printing and Faxing > Saving Documents as PDF Documents

Saving Documents as PDF Documents

The PDF (Portable Document File) format is undoubtedly the most successful multi-platform format ever created by any company. Designed by Adobe, it has become the standard for transferring text and graphics documents, spreadsheets; even creating interactive forms, that can be filled out by a visitor, and then sent back to the owner for processing. The reason for the success of the PDF format is Adobe's tight control over the Adobe Acrobat application (used to create PDF's), and the Acrobat Reader application (used by visitors to read PDF's). Once a PDF document is properly saved, it can be opened by virtually anyone that has Acrobat Reader, regardless of computer or operating system. And the good news is that the Reader application is a free download, just point your browser to http://www.acrobat.com, and then click Download Reader to obtain the latest version of the Acrobat Reader application, tailored for your specific operating system.

Save Documents as PDF Documents

Open or create a document in an application.

IMPORTANT Not all applications provide the option to print out in the PDF format.

Click the File menu, and then click Print.

Click Save As PDF.

IMPORTANT The file's name defaults to the file you opened. Make sure to change the extension to .pdf or change the file name entirely.

Give the PDF document a name, and then select where the file is saved.

Click Save.

The file is now a PDF and can be opened and viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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