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Chapter 7. Printing and Faxing > Previewing Documents

Previewing Documents

One of the most frustrating things is looking at a document on your monitor, clicking the Print command, and then deciding that what you see on the paper is not what you wanted. Unfortunately, a monitor is not a piece of paper, and the term What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG), is a phrase that most computer users do not take very seriously. Once again, Macintosh comes to the rescue with a Preview utility that targets your default printer. If you see what you like, you can print a single copy directly from the Preview dialog, or you can close the preview, and then you can print using the standard Print option.

Preview Documents

Open or create a document in an application.

Click the File menu, click Print, and then click Preview.

The Preview Utility launches.

Select from the following options:

  • Drawer. Click to expand or collapse the thumbnail page view of the images.

  • Back/Forward. Click to move between pages in the document.

  • Page. To move directly to a specific page within a document, enter a page number, and then press Return.

  • Page Up or Page Down. Click to move up or down through the list of displayable images.

  • Zoom In or Zoom Out. Click to increase or decrease the viewing size of the image.

  • Tool Mode. To select a portion of the image, choose a Selection tool button, and then drag within the image.

Click Cancel to close or Print to print the document.

Quit Preview.



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