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Chapter 7. Printing and Faxing > Setting Basic Print Options

Setting Basic Print Options

All applications that allow you to send a document to a printer, give you the ability to set up specific printing parameters. Some print options are generic, such as how many pages to print, and some are more specific, such as what paper tray to use (in a multi-tray printer). Regardless of the options, they're all located in one specific location. The Print command of the opened application. When you select the Print command, a dialog opens with all the options associated with the default printer; including the ability to change the default printer, and any other printing values.

Set Basic Print Options

Open a document.

Click the File menu, and then click Print.

Click the Printer pop-up, and then select a printer from the available options.

Click the Presets pop-up, and then select a user-defined print setting.

NOTE Some of the following options may vary due to different applications.

Click the Options pop-up, and then select from the available options:

  • Copies & Pages. Lets you select from options such as pages to print, number of copies, and page range.

  • Layout. When printing large documents, allows you to select how many pages per sheet, the layout direction, border options, and two-sided printing.

  • Output Options. Check the Save As File option, select whether to save the document as a Portable Document File (PDF) or Postscript (.ps) file, and then select a name and location for the saved file.

  • Scheduler. Lets you schedule a time for printing the document.

  • Paper Handling. Select to print in reverse order (page 1 prints last), and whether to print all, odd, or even pages.

  • ColorSync. Gives you access to Macintosh's ColorSync management system, and the ability to apply the new Quartz Filters to the printed document.

  • Paper Type/Quality. Lets you select a specific paper type, the quality of the output document, and whether to print using ColorSmart III, or print in grayscale.

  • Printer Driver Information. List the name and version release of the current printer driver.

    If you're having problems printing, use this information to determine if you have the latest drivers installed.

  • Application Specific Options. If you're using Microsoft Word, this option lists specific options for that specific application.

  • Summary. Shows a summary of all the printer options that have been selected.

Click Print.

TIMESAVER Suppose you're printing a large job (50 pages), and you need another job (2 pages) printed right away. Just open the second job, click the File menu, and then click Print. Click the Printer pop-up, select another printer for the second job, and then click Print. Panther processes both jobs on both printers, at the same time.



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