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New! Features > Finder


  • Sidebar (p. 17, 66) Navigate Finder windows displaying volumes, network and favorite folders in left column.

  • Action Menu (p. 18) Convenient access to context specific Finder commands based on selection.

  • Local iDisk (p. 37, 280) Access the contents of your iDisk quickly on a local hard drive mirror with automatic sync to Internet servers. You can open the iDisk from the Go menu or the Sidebar in a Finder window.

  • Network Browsing (p. 37, 399) Browse AFP, NFS, SMB, managed and ad-hoc network servers directly in the Finder using the Sidebar.

  • Color Labels (p. 38-39) Organize and search for files and folders using customizable color labels (a new feature back from Mac OS 9). Assign color labels with customized names to any file or folder.

  • Fast Searching (p. 40-41) Enjoy super fast filename searching with smart refined search capability. Use the Magnifying Glass icon to choose where you want to search, and then type part of the name you want to find.

  • Search Locations (p. 40-41) Narrow Finder searches via pop-up with Local Disks, Home, Everywhere and Selection options.

  • Secure Empty Trash (p. 51) Completely erases the files you put in the Trash; you can no longer recover the files.

  • Eject Controls (p. 56) Eject CDs and DVDs using a button next to their names.

  • Announce the Time (p. 86) Have the computer announce the time at intervals you set in the Date & Time pane in System Preferences.

  • New Open and Save Panels (p. 136-137, 158) Open and save documents using the Sidebar, and List and Columns views.

  • Archive Files and Folders (p. 416-417) Compress and expand files and folders directly in the Finder using the standard gzip format.



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