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New! Features > Safari 1.2

Safari 1.2

  • Using SnapBack Buttons (p. 197) When you browse from a starting Web page, click the SnapBack button in the address box to quickly return to that Web page. Similarly, when you browse from your Goggle search results, click the SnapBack button in the Google Search bar to return to them.

  • Browsing the Internet (p. 198-199) Browsing Web pages is easy with Safari. You can browse multiple pages using tabs instead of separate windows to cut down on window clutter. If you always want to open a collection of bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar in tabs, you can click the AutoTab check box next to the collection in the Bookmarks Library.

  • Working with Bookmarks (p. 203-205) To add a bookmark, open a Web page and click the Add Bookmark button (+) in the toolbar. You can name the bookmark and add it to the Bookmarks bar. You organize your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Library. You can create collections of bookmarks and add the collections to the bookmarks bar for quick access. Safari maintains a history of Web pages you open so you can easily return to them. You can also use Safari to browse Web sites available with Rendezvous or entered in your Address Book. Use iSync to synchronize your bookmarks so that you can have the same bookmarks on all the computers you use.

  • Filling Out Forms (p. 206-207) Safari can automatically fill out forms for you using information in your Address Book or that it stores from forms you filled out previously. It can also store account names and passwords for secure Web sites you visit regularly.

  • Finding Web Pages Using Google (p. 208) Google searching is built into Safari. Just click the Google Search bar in the toolbar, type a word or phrase, and press Return. To repeat a search, click the magnifying glass and choose the search from the pop-up.

  • Downloading Files (p. 212-213) When you download files from the Internet, Safari cleans up after itself so you only have to see the decompressed file you're interested in.

  • Blocking Pop-Up Windows (p. 217) As you browse Web pages, you may notice lots of windows opening. These pop-up windows can get in the way of your Web experience. Safari can block these pop-up windows for you, making it easier to navigate the Internet.

  • Deleting Personal Information from Safari (p. 218) If you use Safari on a public computer to access your personal data, you can select Reset Safari from the Safari menu to delete all your personal information.

  • Based on Standards Safari is based on Internet standards so pages that use advanced HTML, XML, XHTML, DOM, CSS, Javascript, and Java specifications look right and work correctly. You can view content in QuickTime, Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Players, and RealNetwork Real Player.



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