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New! Features > Mail 1.3.2

Mail 1.3.2

  • Exchange Mail (p. 237) Set up Exchange e-mail accounts simply using the IMAP protocol.

  • Always Show BCC (p. 241) Choose to permanently add a BCC field for newly composed e-mails.

  • Drag and Drop Addressing (p. 242) Mail allows you to drag e-mail addresses between the address fields in a Compose window or in the Address Book. E-mail addresses can appear as an address or simply a name to make addressing easier.

  • Attachment Interface (p. 250-251) Manage attachments directly from the message header/Mail Viewer window.

  • Attachments for Windows Users (p. 250) E-mail attachments are compressed using the standard GNU Zip (gzip) format, so Windows users can open attachments you send from the Mac.

  • View Message Threads (p. 252-253) Mail includes the option to group and view all messages in an e-mail thread, which is a group of related messages and replies. Viewing messages by thread makes it easy to view and manage e-mail. You can group messages together, collapse and expand all the messages in a thread, and highlight threads in color.

  • Junk Mail Filtering (p. 260-261) Mail improves junk mail filtering, offering advanced options to help you take control of your mail and reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

  • Junk Mail Privacy (p. 260-261) Prevent spammers from knowing you received their junk mail.

  • Erase All Junk Mail (p. 260-261) Erase all accumulated Junk Mail in one fell swoop.

  • HTML Rendering Mail uses Safari's HTML rendering engine to display messages in HTML format.



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