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Chapter 19. Managing Hardware > Changing Phone Settings

Changing Phone Settings

Once you have your modem properly set up, it's time to begin dialing up. Your computer modem can be used to dial into the Internet, send e-mail, or even make telephone calls (Internet phone software required). Whatever you use your modem for, it requires information such as: phone number, account name, and password to complete the connection. Not only does Panther give you the ability to dial out, it lets you create several different accounts that you can switch to as needed.

Change Phone Options

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Network icon.

Click the Show pop-up, and then select your modem.

Click the PPP tab.

Click Dial Now.

Click the Configurations pop-up, click Edit Configurations, and then select a configuration.

Select from the following modem options:

  • Description. Type a short description of the account.

  • Telephone Number. Enter the telephone number (remember to include area code, or any addition numbers, like dialing 9 for an outside line).

  • Account Name. Type the account name (typically your e-mail address).

  • Password. Type the password for the account.

  • Prompt For Password After Dialing. Check to type your password in every time you dial this account.

  • Modem. Click the pop-up and select the modem.

  • Manual Dial To Make This Connection. Check to manually dial the account (useful for pay phones where you have to type in a calling card number).

To add additional accounts, click the Add button (+).

To remove a selected account, click the Delete button (-).

Click OK.



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