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Chapter 19. Managing Hardware > Changing Modem Options

Changing Modem Options

Not only are computers great devices to create text documents, generate awesome graphics and animations, they're also communication devices. Most computers come with a built-in modem that can be used to send e-mails or check the latest stock quotes by using the Web. Apple gives you the ability to modify the modem settings to fit your particular work method, and to type in information concerning your Internet service provider. Apple modems are typically built into the computer (that's why they're called internal); however, whether your modem is hidden inside your computer or attached by a cable, you'll need to run through some simple set up procedures before using it for the first time.

Change Modem Options

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Network icon.

Click the Show pop-up, and then select your modem.

Click the Modem tab.

Click the Modem pop-up, and then select your modem from the available options.

Select from the following modem setting options:

  • Enable Error Correction And Compression In Modem. Check to activate error correction and to compress data packets during transmission (recommended).

  • Wait For Dial Tone Before Dialing. Check to instruct the dialing computer to wait until it receives a dial tone.

  • Dialing. Click the Tone or Pulse dialing option (most phone systems utilize tone).

  • Sound. Click the On or Off option to hear dialing and connection sounds through your computer's internal (or external) speakers.

  • Connection. Check to have the computer display a dialog when an incoming call is detected.

  • Play Alert Sound When Receiving A Call. Check to have the computer use an audible alert for an incoming call.

  • Remind Me. Check to remind, and then enter (in seconds) how long before disconnecting (due to inactivity).

  • Country Setting. Click Change to modify the country settings for the modem.

  • Show Modem Status In Menu Bar. Check to display the modem symbol on the Apple status bar.

Click Apply Now.



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