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Chapter 19. Managing Hardware > Matching Colors to Devices with ColorSync

Matching Colors to Devices with ColorSync

The ColorSync utility gives the designer the ability to match up colors between devices, and to check on and repair the device color profiles present on the computer. As you might have figures out by now, computer monitors are not the best at maintaining color accuracy; especially between monitor and print. The ColorSync utility strives to maintain a color standard between devices, by acting as a translator between different devices. The original scanned image, your monitor, and the output printing device are all examples of where color needs to be synced, and it is achieved though the ColorSync utility.

Match Colors to Devices with ColorSync

Open the Applications folder, double-click the Utilities folder, and then double-click the ColorSync Utility icon.

Click Preferences.

Select from the following tabs:

  • Default Profiles. Click the Default Profiles tab, and then select a default color profile for the RGB, CMYK, and Gray color modes.

  • CMMs. Click the CMMs tab, and then click the pop-up to select from the available color management systems.

Click Profile First Aid.

Click Verify (to view) or Repair (to fix) the color profiles installed on your computer.

Click Profiles to view a gamut grid of the color profiles installed for your computer (click the user option to view color profiles created by you).

To select and assign color profiles to all installed devices, click Devices.

To view information on the currently installed filters, click Filters.

Click Add, Delete, and Duplicate to add a new filter, delete the selected filter, or create a duplicate of a filter.

Click View File With Filter to view the filter with an associated color profile.

IMPORTANT The ColorSync Utility gives you the ability to view and change the color profiles used by different devices. This is an area where you don't want to experiment. Have a good understanding of color theory, before attempting to change any of the ColorSync settings.

Click the Close button.



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