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Chapter 17. Managing Files Using a Netwo... > Connecting to a Network Over the Int...

Connecting to a Network Over the Internet

You can create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection () to securely connect your computer to a network over the Internet. The computer you want to connect to must support a VPN and Internet connection. Before you create a connection, you need to have the server or IP (Internet Protocol) address of the VPN computer. You use the Internet Connection application to set up a VPN connection. The first time you setup a VPN, you need to select a VPN protocol, either L2TP Over IPSec or PPTP. Use L2TP (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol) over IPSec (Internet Protocol Security), where security is a concern between your computer and pre-Windows XP, or use PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) where security issues are not as much a problem, but where backward compatibility with older systems is a concern. After you set up a connection, you can use the Show VPN Status menu to easily connect and disconnect from the VPN, and show connection information.

Create a VPN Connection

Open the Applications folder, and then double-click the Internet Connect icon.

Click VPN.

If necessary, click the L2TP Over IPSec or PPTP option to select the type of VPN connection you want, and then click Continue.

Click the Configuration pop-up, and then select a modem configuration you already created, or click Edit Configuration to add, edit, or remove configurations.

Type the Server Address.

Type the Account Name and Password.

To display the modem menu for easy connection access, select the Show VPN Status In Menu Bar check box.

Click Connect to start a VPN connection.

When you're done, click the Close button, and then name and save the configuration.



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