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Chapter 17. Managing Files Using a Network > Connecting from a Windows Computer

Connecting from a Windows Computer

After you enable Windows Sharing in the Sharing Services area of the System Preferences, Windows computers can connect to your computer. Most networks consist of multiple types of computers and operating systems. For Windows XP, My Network Places lets you view the entire network or just your part of the network to give you access to the servers, domains, and workgroups on the network. For a Windows XP computer on your immediate network, you can browse the network to access the Macintosh computer. If the Windows XP computer is outside your immediate network, you need to add a network place using the Macintosh computer address displayed in the Sharing pane when you enabled Windows Sharing.

Connect from a Windows XP Computer on a Local Network

Click the Start button, and then click My Network Places.

TROUBLE? For those using different versions of Windows, consult the online help system for specific instructions.

In the Network Tasks area, click View Workgroup Computers.

In the Other Places area, click Microsoft Windows Network, and then click Workgroup.

Double-click the Mac OS X Computer icon to display the shared files, folders, and devices on the computer. If necessary, type a user name and password for the Mac account.

When you're done, click the Close button.



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