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Chapter 2. Managing Files and Folders > Viewing and Opening Documents

Viewing and Opening Documents

When you open a disk, the Finder window displays the contents of the disk, which includes files and folders containing information and software on your computer. Mac OS X creates a Users folder that contains a set of personal folders, known as the Home folder, for each user on a shared computer. The Home folder makes it easy to manage the personal and business files and folders you work with every day. The Home folder contains these folders: Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, Public, and Sites. Depending on your previous installation, devices installed, or other users, your personal folders might differ. You can quickly access your Home folder and many other personal folders from the Sidebar. In the Home folder, you can view file information, organize files and folders, and open files and folders. Once you open more than one folder, you can use buttons on the toolbar to help you move quickly between folders.

View and Open Documents

Double-click the Hard Disk icon (the startup disk) on the desktop.

In the bottom section of the Sidebar, select from the following:

  • Desktop

  • Home (the one with your name)

  • Applications

  • Documents

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Pictures

To open a folder, double-click it.

If available, drag the scroll box, or click the scroll arrows to view additional documents.

TIMESAVER Hold down and click a window's title bar to display a folder.

To open a document, double-click the file to open it's associated application and the document.

When you're done, click the Close button.



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