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Chapter 2. Managing Files and Folders > Getting and Setting File Information

Getting and Setting File Information

You can get information about a hard disk, removable disk, network disk, application, folder, or file using the Info window. The Info window displays information about the kind, size, location, date created, and date modified. If you select a disk, the Info window also includes information about format, capacity, available space, and used space. In addition to displaying information, you can also use the Info window to create a stationery file, lock an item, change a files name and extension, determine which application to open a file with, change its ownership and permissions, and write a comment. When you set a file as stationery, the file opens as an untitled copy of the original, so the original file doesn't get changed. If you want to see information for different items without having to close the Info window, you can use Show Inspector to keep the Info window open while you select different items.

Display Info Window

Select the files, disks, folders, applications, or alias; don't select anything to get desktop info.

Use one of the following methods:

  • Separate window for each item. Click the File menu, and the click Get Info.

  • A separate Info window appears for each selected item. This is useful for comparing settings and information.

  • Single window for all items. Hold down the Option key, click the File menu, and then click Show Inspector.

    A single Info window appears, displaying statistics (by type and size) about the selected items and options common to all the selected items. This is useful for setting the same option for a lot of items, such as locking or unlocking files.

Click the expand button (triangle) to display category options, or the collapse button (down arrow) to hide them.

When you're done, click the Close button.



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