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Chapter 2. Managing Files and Folders > Using Spring-Loaded Folders

Using Spring-Loaded Folders

When you are moving or copying files and folders around, it can be tiresome to drag a selection to a folder, open the folder, and then continue to drag it to another folder. Spring-loaded folders allows you to drag a file or folder on top of another folder and it springs open to let you continue dragging the selection to another location in one continuous motion. When you drag a selection onto a folder (or even an icon in the Sidebar) and pause for a moment (with the mouse pressed), the window for the folder opens, so you can continue to drag to another folder as desired. You can use Finder Preferences to turn spring-loaded folders on and off, and set the delay setting for the amount of time you want to pause. If you set a long delay or turn off spring-loaded folders, you can press the Spacebar while you drag a selection to open the window immediately. The Spacebar method is useful because windows don't automatically open when you don't want them to, yet you still have the option to use spring-loaded folders when you need it.

Use Spring-Loaded Folders

Open the drive or folder containing the files and folders you want to move or copy.

Drag the selection onto a folder or an icon in the Sidebar.

To copy files and folders, hold down the Option key while you drag.

Press the Spacebar, or pause for a few moments.

The folder window automatically opens centered on your cursor:

  • In Icon view, the new window replaces the previous window.

  • In List view, a new window opens.

  • In Column view, a new column opens, displaying the new folder's contents.



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