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Chapter 2. Managing Files and Folders > Searching for Files Using the Find Wind...

Searching for Files Using the Find Window

The Search bar provides a quick and easy way to search for files, but if you need to perform a more specific search, the Find window can help you search for what you need. The Find window gives you the option to find files or folders by name, location, size, kind, color label, extension, type, creator, visibility (visible files, not hidden one used by Mac OS X), and by creation or last modification date. You can also narrow your search by selecting or typing a specific list of criteria, available in the Find window. For example, you can search for all graphic files with the .jpg extension you created last month that contain web. After you complete a search, a separate results window opens (works like the Search bar). Unlike the Search bar, you can change the criteria and perform a new search, and then compare the results between both windows.

Search for Files and Folders

In the Finder, click the File menu, and then click Find.

TIMESAVER Press +F to open the Find window.

Click the Search In pop-up, and then select a search location:

  • Everywhere. Searches disk on or connected to your computer.

  • Local Disks. Searches your computer.

  • Home. Searches your Home folder.

  • Specific Places. Searches locations you select; select or clear the folder name check boxes; or drag in a folder.

Click the Search For Items Whose pop-ups, and then select or type the search criteria; options vary depending on the criteria.

  • Name. Finds all or part of a file name (capitalization doesn't matter); select another option, such as Contains, Starts With, Ends With, or Is.

  • Content. Finds words inside your file; handy if you don't remember the name.

  • Date Modified. Finds files according to the date modified.

  • Date Created. Finds files according to the date created.

  • Kind. Finds files that are or aren't a certain kind.

  • Label. Finds files according to label color.

  • Size. Finds files based on size.

  • Extension. Finds files according to file extension, such as .txt.

  • Visibility. Finds files that are or aren't hidden.

  • Type. Find files according to type, such as TEXT; not used much anymore.

  • Creator. Find file according to a four-letter code, such as MSWD for Microsoft Word; not used much anymore.

To add search criteria, click the Add (+) button, and then specify the criteria you want.

To remove search criteria, click the Subtract (-) button.

Click Search to retrieve the files or folders that meet the criteria.

A sprocket icon spins indicating a search is in progress.

To pause or cancel a search in progress, click the X button.

The search results appear in a separate window.



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