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Chapter 18. Maintaining Your Computer > Backing Up and Restoring Compressed Fil...

Backing Up and Restoring Compressed Files and Folders

If a computer's worth is the information it holds, then backing up your data is of extreme importance. You can create a backup of all the financial records for your company on a weekly basis, or just keep a backup of your important documents and records. If it's important to you, then back it up. Mac OS X gives you several ways to back up your data. You can use Backup, a full-featured backup utility available free for .Mac members; Disk Utility, which lets you select an entire volume to back up, or the Finder's Create Archive command (). The Create Archive command lets you create a highly-compressed version of one or more files or folders, and then save them onto another device, such as a rewritable CD, DVD, Zip, or JAZZ drive.

Back Up and Restore Compressed Data

Select a file, group of files, or a folder.

Click the File menu, and then click Create An Archive.

Archive creates a zipped file with the same name as the original item.

To restore an archived zip, double-click it's icon.

IMPORTANT Remember that a back up of your data is your insurance of recovery after a disk crash or other catastrophic system failure. Always keep your backups offsite, or in a protected location, such as a fireproof safe. As tragic as a fire would be, the damage would be compounded if your backups were also destroyed.



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