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Chapter 18. Maintaining Your Computer > Automating Software Updates

Automating Software Updates

Trying to keep up with all your software updates use to be a hassle, but not any more. Not only does Panther let you quickly download all your operating system software updates; it lets you automate the process. When you automate software updates, you select a specific time interval between checks. For example, you could instruct Panther to check for available updates every month. Panther even lets you download important updates in the background (), so it doesn't interrupt your workflow. With the ability not only to update your software, but also to automate the entire process, there is no longer any excuse for not having up-to-date software.

Automate Software Updates

Click the Apple menu, and then click System Preferences.

Click the Software Update icon.

Click the Update Software tab.

Select the Check For Updates check box.

Click the Updates pop-up, and then select how often Panther checks for updates.

Select the Download Important Updates In The Background check box to download updates without interrupting your workflow.

Click Check Now to check for any current updates.

To check all the updates you've currently installed, click the Installed Updates tab.

A list of updated files appears.

You can scroll through the updates to view any changes to your system.

Click the Close button.



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