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Optimizing a Disk

Your computer uses a storage device to hold applications and data. Typically this would be the main hard drive. Not only is the storage of that information important, but timely retrieval is also an important consideration. Every computer user wants their system to run as efficiently as possible. Faster computers should perform operations such as: opening applications, saving files, and performing normal operations faster than older computers. However, you may notice that after a while your computer doesn't seem to be operating as fast as it did previously—files that took a few seconds to open now take a minute. The problem lies in the optimization of the hard drive, and Panther gives you several ways to optimize your hard drive.

Optimize a Disk

Open the Applications folder, double-click the Utilities folder, and then double-click the Disk Utility icon.

Click the First Aid tab.

Select the Startup volume from the available options.

Click Repair Disk Permissions (available only for volumes with Mac OS X installed).

IMPORTANT Disk Permissions are required by the operating system, and can become damaged. When they are damaged, normal operations become slower.

Select a folder or hard drive icon.

Click the File menu, and then click Get Info.

Click the expand button (triangle) for Content Index.

Click Index Now to create an ordered index of all the files within the item.

The Index Now button creates a physical index of all the items within the hard drive, or folder that makes search operations lightning fast.

TIMESAVER Since the index is used in search operations, you can select certain folders that you never would need to search in, and then click the Delete Index button to remove the index file. Not only does this save disk space, but also prevents all those unwanted file names from popping up in your searches.



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