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Installing Mac OS X 10.3

Installing Mac OS X 10.3

There are four different kinds of installation: clean (new or erased disk), upgrade from Mac OS 9, upgrade from Mac OS 10.0 through 10.2, and reinstall Mac OS 10.3. The Installer guides you step-by-step through the process of installing Mac OS X Panther no matter what the installation type. However, a clean install or Mac OS X upgrade to Panther requires you to select additional options as you step through the installation, but the steps are basically the same. You insert the installation CD, restart your computer from the CD, and then follow the on-screen instructions (read the instructions, select options, and then click Continue) to complete the process. As you go through the installation process, you can click the Go Back button at any time to change option in previous screens. The installation process takes about an hour if all goes well. When the installation is finished, you are ready to login to Panther.

Install Mac OS X 10.3

Insert the Mac OS X Panther CD Disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive.

Double-click the Install Mac OS X icon in the CDs window.

Click Restart.

If an Authenticate dialog appears, enter the administrator name and password, and then click OK.

In the Language screen, select a language, and then click Continue.

Step through the intro screens:

  • Introduction. Read, and then click Continue.

  • Read Me. Read, and then click Continue.

  • Software License Agreement. Read, click Continue, and then click Agree.

In the Select Destination screen, click to select the icon for the disk or partition to install Mac OS X.

A green arrow appears on the disk or partition. If a yellow excla-mation appears, the drive probably has a newer version of Mac X 10.3.

To set advanced options, click Options. You can select install-ation options, and then click OK:

  • Upgrade Mac OS X. Upgrades an existing Mac OS X installation to Panther.

  • Archive and Install. Creates a fresh clean installation. The Installer moves existing system files to a new folder named Previous System, and then installs Mac OS X from scratch.

    Select the Preserve Users And Network Settings check box to automatically save all existing system settings, and skip the Setup Assistant.

  • Erase and Install. Erases the destination disk and installs Mac OS X from scratch with the format you choose.

Click Continue.

To perform a custom install, click Customize, and then select or clear the components you want or don't want.

IMPORTANT This is the last step in which you can back out of the installation. Click the Installer menu, click Quit Installer, and then click Quit to confirm. Hold down the mouse button to eject the Mac OS X CD.

Click Install or Upgrade, and then wait for the Installer to copy files.

Follow the on-screen instructions to insert additional installation CDs and complete the process.

Your computer restarts and displays the first screen for the Setup Assistant.



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