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Getting Help While You Work

When you have a question about how to do something in Mac OS X, you can usually find the answer with several clicks of your mouse. Mac OS X Help is a resource of information to help you use Mac OS X Panther, which uses the Help Viewer application. The Help Viewer is like an online book with a table of contents, complete with a search feature, and additional links to the Internet to make finding information a little bit easier. You can access help from the Help menu in the Finder as well as many other Mac OS X applications, such as Safari and iChat; you can even switch between the different help libraries using the Library menu (). If you see the Help button (question mark) in a window or dialog (), you can click it to get feature related help. If you have an Internet connection, the Help Viewer retrieves online updates to Mac OS X Help content as necessary. For additional help and support information, visit the Apple Computer Web site at www.apple.com. Click the Apple - Mac OS X icon in the Dock to quickly access the Mac OS X Web site.

Browse for Help Information

In the Finder, or any other application, click the Help menu, and then click Help.

TIMESAVER Press +? to open the Help Viewer.

To select another Help, click the Library menu, and then click a help library.

Click a link in the Help Viewer window until you find the topic with the information you're looking for.

Use the Help toolbar and Go menu to navigation help topics:

  • Click the Home button to return to the first page of the help.

  • Click the Back and Forward button to view previously viewed topics.

  • Click the Go menu to display a list of previously viewed topics, and then click one.

Click the Help Viewer menu, and then click Quit Help Viewer.



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