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Chapter 8. Exploring the Internet > Setting Security Preferences

Setting Security Preferences

When you browse the Internet, you can access and gather information from Web sites, but Web sites can also gather information about you without your knowledge. When you visit a Web site, the site creates a file on your computer, known as a cookie, which stores information, such as your Web site preferences or personal information, including your name and e-mail address. Not all cookies are harmful; many cookies save you time re-entering information on a return visit to a Web site. Safari's Security options allow you to block or permit cookies from Web sites; however, when you block cookies, you might not be able to access all the features of a Web site. You can view the cookies that you have accepted and remove any you don't want.

Set Security Preferences

Click the Safari menu, and then click Preferences.

Click Security.

Select the Web Content check boxes you want to enable:

  • Enable Plug-ins. A software module that provides additional functionality outside of HTML.

  • Enable Java. A programming language for writing interactive Web pages.

  • Enable JavaScript. A simple programming language for displaying simple interaction, such as image mouse rollover, or opening windows.

Click the Accept Cookies option you want: Always, Never, or Only From Sites You Navigate To.

To show the cookies on your computer and delete any you want to remove, click Show Cookies.

Select or clear the Ask Before Sending A Non-Secure Form To A Secure Website check box to enable or disable the option.

Click the Close button.



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