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Chapter 8. Exploring the Internet > Setting Safari Preferences - Pg. 353

Exploring the Internet 353 When you download a disk image, Safari decompresses the file and in some cases mounts a volume, and opens an installer program (if available). There are several different types of disk images. Safari works a little differently for each type. If you download a disk image in the MacBinary, BinHex, or gzip file format, Safari decompressed the file and opens an installer (if available). If you download an Internet Disk Image, Safari decompresses the file, opens an installer (if available), and moves the disk image to the Trash. If you download a disk image file, Safari decompresses the file, mounts the disk image volume, and opens an installer (if available). Setting Safari Preferences Safari preferences help you configure some of the more common features of the program. You can set preferences for General and Advanced options, Appearance, Bookmarks, Tabs, AutoFill, and Security. These preference areas allow you to turn features on and off as well as customize the way Safari works. General, Appearance, and Advanced preferences are covered here, while Book- marks, Tabs, AutoFill, and Security preferences are covered throughout this chapter. Set General Preferences 1. Click the Safari menu, and then click Preferences. 2. Click General. 3. Select or specify the various options you want to use: · Default Web Browser.Select a default browser. · New Windows Open With.Click the pop-up, and then click Home Page, Same Page, Empty Page, or Bookmarks. · Home Page.Specify a Web address. · Save Downloaded Files To.Click the pop-up, and then select Desktop or Choose Other to specify another location. · Remove Download List Items.Click the pop-up, and then click Manually, When Safari Quits, or Upon Successful Download. · Open "Safe" Files After Downloading.Check to automatically activate safe downloaded files, such as movies, pictures, sounds, PDF and text documents. · Open Links From Applications.Select an option to open links in a new window or current tab. 4. Click the Close button.