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Chapter 11. Exploring .Mac Services > Creating Web Pages with HomePage

Creating Web Pages with HomePage

Most of us would like to have our own customized Web site; however, many lack the experience to build the site, or don't know a Web designer who would do a good job for the least amount of money and maintenance. If you want to create a Web site that shows off pictures of your family, or you want to create an online resume, there's no need to hold back any longer, because having a .Mac account gives you the ability to create a Web site. By following step-by-step instructions using an application called HomePage. As a matter of fact, if you're a Web designer, you can create the site using programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, or Adobe GoLive, and upload the site. Your .Mac account lets you create a Web site, based on your level of experience, and helps you tailor the site to your specific needs.

Create Web Pages with HomePage

Open your browser and sign on to your .Mac account.

Click the HomePage link.

Select from the various themes.

Follow the step-by-step instructions (if you're creating a Pushpin Album, you'll be prompted as to the location of the images.)

Click Choose.

Did You Know?

Web Design help is always available. If you need more help on designing Web pages with HomePage, click the Help button. Apple provides a wealth of information to help guide you though the intricacies of Web design.

You can access HomePage in iPhoto. In iPhoto, click the Organize tab, and then click the HomePage button. Make the necessary additions.

Click Edit.

Click on the Title field, and then type a title for your Web page.

Click on the block of text field, and then type information about your Web page.

Click on the text under the image, and then type a note.

Click Publish to instantly broadcast your Web site to the world.

IMPORTANT When you create a Web site that requires assets such as images or text documents, the assets need to be stored within your iDisk.

Click the Close button.



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