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Chapter 11. Exploring .Mac Services > Creating a .Mac Address Book

Creating a .Mac Address Book

Your .Mac Address Book lets you store personal and business information on all your friends, relatives, and contacts, in one safe place. In truth, you might actually have two or three other places where this same information is stored, maybe Safari, the Address Book application that comes bundled with the Panther operating system, or even your iPod. The .Mac address book is used by to maintain your mailing lists and e-mail contacts. However, before you despair of having to type in all those contacts again, Macintosh gives you a way to Sync all of the contacts and keep them up-to-date, no matter what application performed the changes.

Create a .Mac Address Book

Open your browser and sign on to your .Mac account.

Click the Address Book link.

IMPORTANT For security reasons, the first time you enter the Address Book application, you'll be asked to reenter your password.

You'll see one contact, your .Mac account name, click the contact name to open the contact information.

To modify the contact info, click Edit.

To create a new contact, click New.

To remove a contact from the list, click Delete.

To generate an e-mail for the selected contact, click Compose.

To return to the Address Book main page, click Address Book.

Click Save to save your changes.

Click Logout to return to the .Mac Home page.

IMPORTANT Before you begin creating or recreating all of your contacts, you'll want to read the next section on Syncing a .Mac Address book.



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