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Chapter 11. Exploring .Mac Services > Getting Online Support

Getting Online Support

Having difficulty running your virus software? When you perform a backup, should you include application files? And what about the problems you're having loading and playing your favorite Mac game? Don't worry, help is on the way in the form of the .Mac community of users, as well as, the full support of the Apple Exchange. Apple's support system is constantly being updated to reflect the state of the current Macintosh software and hardware. If you have a question, and you need an answer, the .Mac online support system is the place to be.

Get Online Support

Open your browser and sign on to your .Mac account.

Click the Support link.

Click the Discussion Boards link to access a community of fellow users, and Macintosh gurus all ready and willing to answer your questions.

Click the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) link to gain access to some of the more common problems facing Mac users, and (hopefully) the answers to your problem.

Click the Feedback link, to ask a specific question to Apple.

Click the Tips and Tricks links to find out the latest tips and tricks; most submitted by users (like you).

Click the AppleCare Knowledge Base to gain access to Apple's huge database of information on every model of Macintosh that has ever rolled off the assembly line.

Click the specific Help links for information on: .Mac, iDisk, Email, HomePage, iCards, Virex, and Backup.

When you're done, close any open windows.



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