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Chapter 11. Exploring .Mac Services > Managing Files with iDisk

Managing Files with iDisk

Probably one of the coolest, and most-used features of a .Mac account is iDisk (). The iDisk service is like having a 100MB hard drive available to you anytime and anywhere you can plug into the Internet. The iDisk is perfect for performing off-site backups, or for storing large files for later use. For example, you could place large files in your iDisk (files that are too big to e-mail), and then download them when you get to your destination. Or if you have a high-speed Internet connection, you could simply use it as a secondary storage device. In addition, if you need more room, you can always upgrade and purchase more space. The good news is that once iDisk is open, you can treat it just like any other storage device on your computer. In fact, the Public folder located in your iDisk can be accessed by anyone owning a .Mac account. This is the perfect place for placing a document that needs to be distributed to co-workers, or as a place to store photos for other .Mac users to see.

Manage Files with iDisk

Click the Go menu, point to iDisk, and then click My iDisk (it is not necessary to be logged into your iMac account.)

If necessary, double-click on a folder to display its contents.

Drag items, files, or folders into any of the existing folders.

Click the Close button to collapse the iDisk window (an iDisk icon remains on your desktop).

If necessary, Control-click on the iDisk desktop icon, and then select Eject to remove the icon from the desktop.



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