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Chapter 11. Exploring .Mac Services > Editing Web Pages with HomePage

Editing Web Pages with HomePage

Web sites don't remain the same, they're fluid. For example, you've created a Web site containing pictures of your family, and your daughter just had a baby. You had better get that picture of the new addition to the family out there double-quick. Possibly you created a resume page, and you need to add (or subtract) some of the information. Regardless of the situation, once you create a Web site, as sure as the sun rises, you'll want to change it. Editing a Web site is actually easier than creating the site. All you have to do is select a page, make changes, and then click Publish. And, if making too many changes to your Web site has you spinning in circles, simply delete all of the pages in the old Web site, and .Mac lets you start all over.

Edit Web Pages

Open your browser and sign on to your .Mac account.

Click the HomePage link.

Select a page from the Pages window.

Select from the following options:

  • Add. Adds a page for you to insert additional images on.

  • Delete. Deletes a selected page.

  • Edit. Allows you to Edit a selected page.

Did You Know?

You can have more than one Web site. Create additional Web sites (like folders in a file cabinet), and then link them together to create a complex site that's easy to organize and change.

Make any text changes to the page.

To show a counter on the page to count the number of hits to your site, select the Show check box.

To show a Send Me A Message link on the page, select the Show check box.

To change a layout, click the 2 Columns or 3 Columns option.

To change the theme, click Themes.

To preview your changes, click Preview.

Click Publish to record the changes.

Click Logout to return to the .Mac Home page.



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