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Setting Up an Account

Before you can set up an e-mail account, you need your account name, password, e-mail server type, and the names of your incoming and outgoing e-mail servers from your ISP or network administrator. You can use an AppleScript to help you set up an e-mail account by answering a series of questions, or you can set up one by using the Accounts pane of Mail preferences. Mail allows you to send and retrieve e-mail from different types of e-mail servers, which are the locations where e-mail is stored before you access it. You can set up Mail to receive e-mail from multiple accounts where each one can have multiple e-mail addresses.

Set Up an E-Mail Account by Answering Questions

Start Mail for the first time, and the series of questions begins.

Or click the Scripts (S) menu, and then click Create New Mail Account.

Click an account type, and then click OK.

Type the information requested and then click OK, or click Yes or No to the question. Common information requested includes the following:

  • Account name. This appears in the Mailbox list.

  • E-mail account user name and password. This identifies you to the mail server.

  • E-mail address. This is the From address in outgoing e-mail.

  • Full name. This is the name used in outgoing e-mail.

  • Incoming e-mail server. POP or IMAP.

  • Cache setting. Store mail locally for fast display.

  • Security access. Typically, password authentication.

  • Outgoing e-mail server. SMTP.



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