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Chapter 10. Exchanging Messages Using Mail > Blocking and Bouncing E-Mail

Blocking and Bouncing E-Mail

You can have Mail handle junk e-mail for you. You can specify what should be considered junk e-mail and how Mail should handle that e-mail. You can ensure that e-mail which might seem to be junk e-mail, but is actually from a person or site that you are interested in, gets to you. You can mark messages as junk mail to help train Mail (set rules) to more effectively distinguish between junk and non junk (), If you receive annoying mass mailings, you can bounce (). or reject, the message back to the sender (as long as their return address is valid, which isn't usually the case with spam) and the message appears to the sender as if your address is invalid and the message could not be delivered. Mail also moves the message to the Trash.

Change Junk E-Mail Options

Click the Mail menu, and then click Preferences.

Click Junk Mail.

Select the Enable Junk Mail Filtering check box.

Click the option to leave it in my Inbox and change the text color or move it to the Junk mailbox.

Select the check boxes to exempt e-mail from junk filtering:

  • Sender Of Message Is In My Address Book

  • Sender Of Message Is In My Previous Recipients

  • Message Is Addressed Using My Full Name

Click Advanced.

The default junk mail rule appears, which you can customize.

Use the pop-ups, fields, and buttons to specify the criteria for the junk rule to apply to messages.

Click OK.

Click the Close button.



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