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Chapter 3. Customizing the Finder > Customizing the Toolbar

Customizing the Toolbar

The Finder toolbar comes with a few standard buttons, but you can add more. You can use the Customize Toolbar dialog to quickly drag button icons on and off. The buttons include Path (navigation pop-up), Eject, Burn, Customize, Separator (designates groups), Space (adds a gap), Flexible Space (adds a gap that expands), New Folder, Delete, Connect, Find, Get Info, iDisk, and Search. If you want the simple look again, you can drag the Default Set of buttons onto the toolbar to reset it. In addition to the button icons in the dialog, you can also drag icons, such as favorite folders, disks, or applications, from the desktop or any Finder folder onto the toolbar. You can also use the key to cycle through size combinations of large and small icons and text labels.

Customize the Finder Toolbar

Click the View menu, and then click Customize Toolbar.

Click the Show pop-up, and then select a display option of Icon Only, Icon & Text, or Text Only.

TIMESAVER Control-click the toolbar (without the dialog open), and then click a display option.

Select or clear the Use Small Size check box.

To add icons to the toolbar, drag them into place from the gallery.

To remove icons, drag them up or down off the toolbar.

To rearrange icons, drag them horizontally on the toolbar.

To reset the toolbar, drag the default set of items onto the toolbar.

When you're finished, click Done.



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