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Chapter 12. Conducting Live Chats and Vi... > Having a Audio and Video Chat

Having a Audio and Video Chat

When used with Panther, iChat AV provides state-of-the-art computer communications features. With iChat AV, you can talk to others over the Internet as you do on a regular phone, and you can use video to see others and let others see you as you converse. Once you set up your computer hardware and software, you're ready to communicate over the Internet. You have two communication choices: audio only, or audio and video (). With audio only, you speak into a microphone and hear the other person's response over your speakers. With audio and video, you send video to others so they receive live images as well as sound. If the buddies you call don't have a video camera, they'll see you, but you won't see them. iChat AV supports only one video or audio chat at a time.

Have a Audio or Video Chat

If necessary, click the Window menu, and then click Buddy List.

To start a chat, select a name in the Buddy list, and then click the Start A Video Chat button or Start An Audio Chat button.

To respond to an audio or video chat invitation, click the invitation window, and then click Accept.

To decline or block a chat invitation, click Decline or Block.

Start talking.

Use video controls on the Video menu or use the following:

  • Size Video Window. Click the double arrow button to switch between normal and full-screen modes. You can also drag the bottom right corner of the video window.

  • Pause Video. Option+click the Microphone button. Click the button again to start it.

  • Mute Audio. Click the Microphone button.

When you're done, click the Close button to end the session.



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