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Chapter 12. Conducting Live Chats and Vi... > Sending a File During an Instant Mes...

Sending a File During an Instant Message

While you are conversing in iChat AV, you can send a buddy a file or hyperlink. You can send many different types of files, including pictures, documents, and music. When you send a picture, it's displayed right beside your text in the Chat window. When you send any other type of file, a request to transfer the file is sent to your buddy. You are notified when your buddy accepts or declines your request. Before you receive files over the Internet, make sure you have virus protection software to protect your computer. You can also send a hyperlink that points to a Web site.When your buddy receives a message with a link, the person can click it to open the Web address in their Web browser.

Send a File or Hyperlink

Start a chat with the buddy to whom you want to send the file or hyperlink.

Type your message in the box at the bottom of the window.

Click the Edit menu, and then click one of the following:

  • Send a File. Click Attach File, navigate to and select the file you want to send (for best results, use JPEG or GIF), and then click Open. A small icon appears to indicate the picture.

TIMESAVER Drag the picture file to the area where you type your message.

  • Send a Hyperlink. Click Add Hyperlink, type a Web address, and then click OK.

Type any additional text if you want, and then press Return.

If you're sending a picture, the image appears in the chat window; if it's a file, wait for the recipient to accept or decline the file; or if it's a hyperlink, the link appears in the chat window.

To open a file or hyperlink, click the file or link in the chat window.



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