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Chapter 12. Conducting Live Chats and Vi... > Creating an Instant Message Account

Creating an Instant Message Account

The first time you launch iChat AV, a setup screen opens to walk you step-by-step through the process. To complete the process, you need to provide or create a screen name (your instant messaging address) to send and receive instant messages with iChat AV. If you already have a .Mac account or an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) screen name, you can use it with iChat AV. For example, a .Mac screen name is your e-mail address, such as perspection@mac.com, or an AIM screen name is a handle, such as perspection. If you don't have a screen name, you can sign up for a .Mac account at Apple's .Mac Web site during the setup process to get one. You can't use screen names from other instant messaging system, such as MSN or Yahoo, with iChat AV. If you are using iChat AV over a local network for rendezvous messaging, you don't need a screen name.

Create an Instant Message Account the First Time

If necessary, install a microphone or compatible video camera according to product instructions.

Start iChat for the first time; display the Dock on the desktop, and then click the iChat icon.

Read the Welcome screen, and then click Continue.

Type your first and last name.

Click the Account Type pop-up, and then select an account.

TROUBLE? If you don't have an account, click Get An iChat Account.

Type your Account Name and Password, and then click Continue.

Click a rendezvous option to enable or disable iChat messaging in your local network, and then click Continue.

Select options to setup audio and video for iChat, and then click Continue.

Click Done.



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