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Part 5. Working with Printers, Scanners,... > Task 14: Ordering Photo Prints from ...

Task 14: Ordering Photo Prints from the Internet

Click Start and then click My Pictures to open the My Pictures folder.

Click Order prints online.

You see the opening screen of the Online Print Ordering Wizard. Click Next.


You can also select to order photo shop quality prints from the Internet. Windows XP includes a wizard that leads you step-by-step through the process of ordering prints.


Internet Connection

To use this feature, you must have an Internet connection set up. See Part 8, “Connecting to the Internet,” for help on the Internet.


Open Other Folders

If your pictures are stored in another folder, open that folder for step 1.

Select the pictures you want to order and click Next.

You are prompted to connect to the Internet. Follow the appropriate steps to log on.

Select a printing company and click Next.


Steps Vary

The steps vary depending on the service you select. Follow the specific steps for the service you select.

Select the size and quantity for each print. Click Next.

Complete any additional information, clicking Next. For instance, you usually are prompted to enter the shipping address.


Get Connected

You must be connected to the Internet to order prints online. If you are not connected, you are prompted to connect. See Part 8, “Connecting to the Internet.”

Complete any additional steps as prompted. For instance, select a shipping method.

You may see an order summary to check before placing the order.

Complete billing information by clicking Next. Files are copied and sent to printing company.



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