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Part 11. Setting Up Programs > Task 10: Installing Programs Via Windows Update

Task 10: Installing Programs Via Windows Update

After connecting to the Internet, click the Add New Programs button in the Add or Remove Programs window. (Refer to the last task for help finding this window.)

Click the Windows Update button.

The Windows Update Web site opens, listing the latest updates for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware. Click the Scan for updates link.

Windows Update scans your computer and its database to see what updates are available. In this case, one critical update is available; click the Review and install critical updates link.


Windows Update, a free online extension of Windows, offers product enhancements such as system files, device drivers, service packs, and more. To use Windows Update, you must be connected to the Internet.


Automatically Install Critical Updates

Critical updates are those updates that Microsoft considers critical to the operation of your computer. To configure your XP machine to install critical updates automatically, open the Control Panel, double-click the System icon, and then select the Automatic Updates tab. Instruct Windows to download the updates automatically and notify you when they are ready to be installed, or to notify you before downloading updates and again before installing them.

A window with the selected items is displayed. Click the Install Now button for any program you want to install.

A standard End User License Agreement (EULA) opens; read it, and click the Accept button to accept the terms of the agreement.

A dialog box indicates the progress of the download and installation. When the installation is complete, simply click your browser window's Close button.



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