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Chapter 8. Working with Pictures > Publishing Pictures to the Web

Publishing Pictures to the Web

If you have many pictures to share with others, you can publish them to the web. With the Web Publishing Wizard, you can copy an individual file or a folder of files from your computer to your own web site or a network location, such as a shared folder. When you publish your files to a web site, you can let others view your pictures and documents using their web browser. If you don't have a web site on which to publish your files, you can create a personal web site in MSN Groups. After you publish a file or folder to the web, Windows places a shortcut link to that web site in My Network Places on your computer. When you are connected to the Internet, you can access your published files from My Network Places and add or delete the files in the same way you would on any network.

Publish Files or a Folder to the Web

Open the folder containing the picture or folder you want to publish.

Select the picture(s) or folder.

Click Publish The Selected Items To The Web or Publish This Folder To The Web.

Click Next.

If you want, select or clear the check boxes next to files to include or exclude them, and then click Next.

Select MSN Groups, and then click Next.

TROUBLE? If a connection dialog box opens, type your .Net Passport user name and password, and then click OK or click Get A .NET Password to create an account.

Select where you want your files to be stored (create a new group or select an existing one), and then click Next.

Follow the specific instructions for your selection.

Click Finish.



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