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Troubleshooting > Faxing - Pg. 748

Troubleshooting 748 Dial-Up Networking I can't reach other computers through a Dial-Up Networking connection I can't save the password for a Dial-Up Networking connection My modem isn't working The modem can't dial the phone or enter access codes E-mail, receiving I can't back up my e-mail messages I don't know which e-mail server to use I'm not getting e-mail from one of my accounts The Inbox doesn't show all my e-mail messages My Inbox is too cluttered E-mail, sending I can't find a spell checker in Outlook Express I deleted a message by mistake My message with an attachment is undeliverable My messages go out from the wrong account My attachment file disappears when I reply to a message Outlook Express doesn't start from my browser Outlook Express won't let me send all my messages at one time Faxing Can I track my incoming and outgoing faxes How do I create a custom cover page How do I print and save a fax How do I make electronic notes on a fax I can't find my faxes My fax failed My fax doesn't automatically answer the phone to accept a fax The fax set up command isn't available in the Printers And Faxes window Files How do I find text in a document How do I put files on and folders a CD I can't find a document I've saved I can't find my music files I can't locate a folder I deleted a file by mistake My pictures are in a large view