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Troubleshooting > Startup - Pg. 752

Troubleshooting 752 Scanner and Camera I can't delete the pictures from my digital camera My program doesn't work with a scanner or camera Screen I don't know how to get multiple monitors working The screen saver appears too soon The screen size is too small or large Screen saver The screen saver doesn't use my pictures The screen savers starts to quickly Sound I can't assign sounds to Windows events I can't create a playlist I can't copy a music CD I can't find the sound recorder My CD or DVD player won't play music CDs The volume or balance is wrong Shutdown Windows I need to restore my system My computer didn't shutdown and start up right My computer keeps going to sleep Start menu My Start menu is too long or too cluttered My program isn't on the Start menu Programs appear on the Start menu I can't add or change the picture on the Start menu Startup I don't remember my password My system is locked Someone else's desktop appears when Windows starts The same program opens whenever Windows starts Windows hangs at startup